Odophonics and Economics

I was able to attend a show entitled Odophonics, a collaboration between the olfactory artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter, composer Sean Francis Conway, and performed by the string quartet Dr. Batya MacAdams-Somer, Rebecca Matayoshi, Robbie Bui and Kathryn Schulmeister. I found the experience to be psychically complicated.

Surviving the Bell Cave With Sean Francis Conway

Space 4 Art is an artist-built, if not owned nor managed, creative center in East Village. It’s a live-work studio space that also hosts events and community events for youth and adults alike. I think the tech world might call this an incubator, offering affordable space to working artists and a community to grow the all-important network of an artists life.

Contact Improvising

Remaining in Contact and Flow, I have heard that the Contact Improv jam will now have a new home at the Light Box Theater at San Diego Dance Theater in Liberty Station. Same time! Same great musicians! Hopefully much the same dancers!

Contact Improv at Stage Seven

Update! Now held at San Diego Dance Theater! However you listen to music, I’d like to invite you to listen to “Backstage With The Modern Dancers” by Great Lake Swimmers. This song from my own college years helped me identify a fantasy that, given that I went to a commuter school for a technical degree, would likely have remain unrequited had I not been introduce to this space.

“Blossoming” and “In the Palm of My Hand” at Tenam Studio

Lexi Pulido has been performing at her space on Adams Avenue Tenam Studio for a few months now, giving a 15 minute performance EVERY DAY Monday through Friday at 10 AM. The performances have included vocal work, movement, comedy, music, poetry and a rotating cast of guest artists supporting what I can only hope will become a San Diego institution.