Alchemy and Non Deterministic Embeddings

RobYko have been performing a set of rituals steeped in political and cultural discourse, wrapped up in an alchemical verneer. Why Alchemy? Cuz it looks cool. Cuz there is a fascinating history of obfuscation and legitimate research muxxed up with nonsense and impossibility.

RobYko at Crenshaw Dairy Mart

RobYko will be having a performance and gallery presentation of their multimodal work at the Crenshaw Dairy Mart. Saturday March 2, 2024 4PM - 5PM I met the pair who goes by RobYko while attending a show at Tenam. They are enamoured with performance art to the point that every interaction with them feels a bit like a grad school seminar.

Movement Open Mic at Lightbox

Lightbox theater will be hosting a Movement Open Mic on Friday March 8th at 7PM! This will be the first meeting of this group, and considering I heard about it after the weekly Contact Improv, I’d imagine the group that will be meeting up will be a treat of a mix of dance styles.

Open House at Studio IX

We needed to see some art. We were also hungry. ¡Salud! Tacos makes some good tacos and some well made drinks. So does Border X right across the way. I’ve seen some neat stuff in Studio IX and a few of the other mixed use art space in the area, but it wasn’t open all the time.

Of San Diego With John Raymond Mireles

I met John Raymond Mireles while working out of the Kensington Library. I’ve been increasingly spending time in public libraries, because unlike a coffee shop, I don’t feel like the meter is running. I’m just allowed to be. There is usually a water fountain and a restroom.