Open House at Studio IX

We needed to see some art.

We were also hungry.

¡Salud! Tacos makes some good tacos and some well made drinks.

So does Border X right across the way.

I’ve seen some neat stuff in Studio IX and a few of the other mixed use art space in the area, but it wasn’t open all the time.

Luckily Mr. Gato @ instagram and his partner thisgirlhugstrees@instagram were working and selling their art when we were able to walk a little bit of the art district in Barrio Logan.

I’ve bought some of Mr. Gato’s work over at ConnectSD in North Park. A trippy zine complete with 3d goggles. I’ve recognized his pyramid figure around town.

We spoke a little about the blending of fine art and street art.

His works displayed are very well rendered.

He’s got quite the practiced hand.

His psychedelia is getting weirdly realistic.

Dani that hugs the trees shared some stories about the trials of embroidery. All of her work sewn by hand, taking a tremendous amount of painstaking focus and care. Mushroom heads and beutiful figures and gentle anatomy lessons blend with leaves and thread.

They invite us to an open house with artists from some of the other spaces on Feb 10th.

Studio IX is located at 2195 Logan Ave in Barrio Logan.