Alchemy and Non Deterministic Embeddings

RobYko have been performing a set of rituals steeped in political and cultural discourse, wrapped up in an alchemical verneer.

Why Alchemy?

Cuz it looks cool.

Cuz there is a fascinating history of obfuscation and legitimate research muxxed up with nonsense and impossibility.

Cuz Transformation and Blood and Art.

Cuz Utopia

I see something to the effect of adversarial combinatorics in their work. There are a lot of messages, many of them planned, many of them drawn out of the viewer by circumstance. That’s sort of a theme of Art in general, but when they asked if I could provide them with some ‘equations’, I felt like I had an opportunity to work against some popular folk art. I take issue with Horoscopes, Tarot, and all these minor rituals enjoyed by too many people for me to have a legitimate gripe against. Still, I find that while they may provide some avenue for introspection, I can’t help but feel like they do a disservice by replacing much of that introspection with external woo.

So, given how professorial these RobYko are, I cut out a little piece of an increasingly important piece of mathematics and made it either way dumber, or clever enough for some invividuals to have some sort of séance with the consciousness that is all of them together.

Normally, one would use numbers. Luckily, none of us are normal. We’ll be using WordOrPhrase, the idea behind whatever word shows up on the page.

I’m curious about how these artists {AR (Artist Robert), AE (Artist Emyko)}, a partnering interviewer (Reducer), and myself (Mapper) have our values arranged. This assumes that that has a physical measure. Questioning them will rearrange them. Time will rearrange them. Life will rearrange them.

These are non-deterministic embeddings whos span will demorph under our questioning it’s shape.

What will this do? Something

Will it be interesting? Almost certainly

This is more or less a script, how we actually render it will be up to the performers.

Stay tuned.

An Artgebraic Extension of Numerological Ritual Analysis

This algorithm will answer the question asked by the consciousness that is all four of the participants.
There are a number of interesting results produced as the calculation progresses from Artist to Interviewer.

- AE
- AR
- Map
- Reduce

Triad is used to denote the set {AE,AR,Map}

Description of Products
Integer [Mercury|Quicksilver|shape]
  The chosen scope of inquiry.
  m = 1 is an uninteresting trivial case.
  m = 2 is 'low res'
  m = 4, 5 and above require 2m of increasingly difficult questions be answered.
  Longer, more accurate readings may be useful at a later date.
  I might recommend 3.

Real [Saturn|Lead|amplitude]
  Finite values are possible and actually quite common.
  The agreement with Self and trust in Other as described below ensures the infinite case.

WordOrPhrase [Jupiter|Tin|trace]
  The main diagonal of the ritual matrix used to produce Lead.

WordOrPhrase [Moon|Silver|determinant]
  A measure of how the ritual changed precursor into product in relation to Self.

WordOrPhrase [Venus|Copper(+,-)|Self.With,Self.Without]
  Reducer observes merging of pairs from Triad.
  These ions should have a resonance with the female aspect of the addressed consciousness.

WordOrPhrase [Mars|Iron(+,-)|Triad.With,Triad.Without]
  Reducer and Triad agree on merging triplets of Copper ions.
  These ions should have a resonance with the male aspect of the addressed consciousness.

WordOrPhrase [Sun|Gold|↯]
  The proof is derived from the idea that Utopia is both With and Without, Having and Not Having, and is therefore an explicit contradiction.
  In the final step, the Reducer calculates the final merge under observation by the Triad.
  This product should simply resonate, though by calculating the result, we destroy the possibility of knowing what the question was.

The type WordOrPhrase is then subject to any and all numerological analysis.

  ∀w∊WordOrPhrase is the singular idea represented by that word or phrase, and not necessarily that word or phrase itself.

Calculation of Products
Please see proofs in their own files as they are out of scope of this document.

{∀} Select the resolution hyperparameter, m.

{∀} The amplitude of the individual's ritual matrix is between negative and positive infinity over the reals.
    We can assure a positively infinite result with a sort of personal covenant.
    Be authentic and honor the first correct answer that comes to mind and our shared amplitude for each reading will be infinite.
    This seems at first glance an obvious result, but the proof is non-trivial.
      See: divergence-in-alchemic-mappings-of-emotional-embeddings.tex

{Triad} Consult the definitions and synonyms of our precursor and product.
        Select three of each to best cover precursor and product.
        In my own Self, Serum and Gore was less orthogonal than Serum and Heritage.
        See definition of orthogonality in: `measure-in-psychic-fields.tex`

    Example precursor basis vectors: {vivacity, soul, ghost}
    Example product basis vectors: {serum, essence, lineage}

{Mapper} Redistribute basis vectors into three homogeneous basis vector sets with each having one of both Other and Self.

{Reducer} Assign basis vector sets

{Triad, individually} Construct ritual matrix of basis vectors
  Example Ritual Matrix:
	[pour]   | serum    | essence   | lineage
	vivacity | image    | glitter   | eternity
	soul     | boundary | shadow    | community
	ghost    | plastic  | silouette | absence

    How was vivacity poured into serum?
    I projected 'image' since it was poignant to me that Rob had cast them in the ritual.

Note: Ritual matrix positions are notated as follows:
   ┌a b c┐
   |d e f|
   └g h i┘

{Triad, individually}
    [Trace|Tin|Jupiter] = aei
      Which expands to a question of Self: What is <a> and <e> and <i>?

{Triad, individually}
    [determinant|Silver|Moon] = aei + bfg + cdh - ceg - bdi - afh

    Note: Addition and multiplication both use the AND operator.
          And only differ by resolution order as this is a non-commutative algebra.

    Evaluate multiplications
    Evaluate additions and subtractions left to right

  Under observation by Reducer, calculate:
    'With' ions
     - Copper+AEAR = SilverAE + SilverAR
     - Copper+AEMapper = SilverAE + SilverMapper
     - Copper+ARMapper = SilverAR + SilverMapper
    'Without' ions
     - Copper-AEAR = - SilverAE - SilverAR
     - Copper-AEMapper = - SilverAE - SilverMapper
     - Copper-ARMapper = - SilverAR - SilverMapper

  Under observation by Reducer, calculate:
    Iron+ = Copper+AEAR + Copper+AEMapper + Copper+ARMapper
    Iron- = Copper-AEAR + Copper-AEMapper + Copper-ARMapper

  Under observation by triad, calculate:
    With + Without


If you’d like to know more about the actual math, Three Blue One Brown has some excellent educational videos.