Save Starlight Fundraiser

The Starlight Bowl is an open air amphitheater in Baloa Park that has historically been a staple of San Diego Art since the 30’s, but closed around 2011.

In the last few years, a non-profit has taken up the helm of restoring the facility as an integral piece of the Balboa Park fabric.

The Starlight is a little hidden between the Air & Space museum and the Comic Con Museum, but it’s rather large, seating over 4000 people.

They don’t plan on doing musical theater anymore, but envision the space for concerts, graduations, movies and other events.

It still looks like they have a way to go before they’d be open for business, but this was a really fun event they held in the foyer of the venue.

I was expecting some more stodgy rich folks, but the crowd was refreshingly a number of young folks, local artists and artsy hipsters who seemed to genuinely want this space back into San Diego culture.

Notably, the concession stand still seems to have a liquour licence serving some wine along with a few slices a pizza along with your standard raffle tickets and swag.


Fundraiser Concert

See more at, or follow them at savestarlight@instagram.

Maybe better yet, donate.

I even got a rare view into the theater itself.

Can’t you see the possibilities?